Karel 5 – Culinary heart of Grand Hotel Karel V

The Cathedral guards, the wall protects. The street noise fades in the distance. Before the stately Catharijnesingel, behind the city centre with its students, business folk, drifters, day trippers and tourists. Welcome to Karel 5 Gastro Bistro Events, culinary heart of Grand Hotel Karel V.

Dinner, drinks, wedding, lunch, or business meeting in a special setting? For example, a historic building complex with a glorious atrium, in the heart of Utrecht? Yes, you can, at Grand Hotel Karel V, a former monastery, originally built in 1348, with a colourful history. The monastery was once home to the German Order of the Teutonic Knights and Emperor Charles V and his sister, Mary of Hungary, were prominent guests. Next to a five-star hotel we now provide an events location and restaurants offering the finest of bistronomy and gastronomy to everyone.

We are not as extravagant as the Spanish Duke of Osuna. A hedonist who, during the Treaty of Utrecht, resided for many years in the German House, indulging in numerous feasts. Expressing piety for the populace, he would toss wine and bread over the walls of the complex. Join the party, folks!

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